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MARKING TAPE for cable & pipe
  For the first time in Korea, we have successfully developed MARKING TAPE due to our diligent R&D. This excellent product is supplied to outstanding domestic enterprises such as Samsung electronics Co., Ltd., LS Cable, TAEHAN Electric Wire and GAON CABLE LTD and is also being exported to overseas.
In particular, it is also an excellent product in grotesqueness, chemical proof, printing clarity and friction.


It is used for printing length, LOTNO, manufactured date, LOGO and the like on electric power and communication wires, optical cable, pipes etc.


Application range:
PE, PVC, PP, A.B.S, H.I.P.S, etc, plastic marking

Color Scheme : blue, white, black, yellow, golden, silver etc
* New colors can be created on demand
A: 10mm Wide X 600M, 1000M, 1500M, 2000M Length
                     B: 10mm Wide X 20,000M Length
* New standards with different width, length can be manufactured on demand.