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Welcome to G.S.C. hichem Co., Ltd.

Ever since it was founded in 1982, G.S.C. has continuously endeavored in a unique field of marking and coding materials to develop an advanced high quality and producing of our main products as below, which are available simultaneously to keep up a competition.

Now we are proud of introducing G.S.C. which is a renewed leading manufacturer of marking products and intending for good service in industrials, beverage and food, pharmaceutical, including electronics.

Also, we are now supplying for many domestic companies including Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. and LG Cable and enlarging of the exporting in region of Europe and Southeast Asia.

Main Products
  Hot stamping foil & pigment tape
Marking Ink
Hot printing ink roll
Long length color tape
Electrical conductive ink
Dissociate adhesive
Grease stopper for Gel- Pen
Pressure sensitive film
Correction tape base film
Medical stamping foil
Mica tape
S/W tape

G.S.C aims to continuously improve our R&D for new products and builds up the unique Know- How that would be delivered total satisfaction to you.

Therefore, we believe that our products on your working process could make it better and giving you a satisfaction and benefit.

We are not trying to unwillingly explain the merits of our products in a word anymore, but rather to give you a newly opportunity of choice provable with need and reliability you desire until you feel the fullest satisfaction about ours.

We hope to offer a full range of our products that are more useful, helpful, and beneficial to you and would appreciate if you join us in early.
Thank you.